bjd - architect Home - House Plans Division is an integral part of b. j. drvar, architect, a Canadian owned and operated Architectural Firm serving local, and international clients since 1984.

Principal Architect's registration and permit to practice: 

Ordre des architectes du Quebec.

Our Firm's Home - House Plans Division is regularly updating and developing new House Plans and offers these for sale to the general public as part of our collection.   

We take joy in designing places for people that are both, functional and environment friendly. Our work shows that buildings and outdoor spaces can be alive and vibrant, authentic and soulful.

We strive to create places that respond to individual needs, support healthy family relationships, and enhance a strong sense of community.

Focus of our work is residential design and neighborhood development. Please contact us to obtain additional information.

All Home/ House Plans forming part of, included herewith, and sold on this site have been prepared in compliance with the latest editions of: 

  • National Building Code of Canada

  • Ontario Building Code

  • Quebec Construction Code (Code des batiments du Quebec)

in force at the time of these documents preparation.


Please NOTE:

All the House Plans presented on this Web site are produced by our teem. We are NOT a Clearing House, we do NOT sale other peoples plans.

3500 SF & MORE Series >L<
LESS THAN 2000 SF Series >S<



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